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Paradise Pool Safety Covers

Pool Guard of Nevada - Paradise Pool Safety Covers

Opting for Pool Guard of Nevada for your Paradise pool safety covers represents a dedication to exceptional quality and unparalleled protection. As a distinguished provider of anchored pool safety covers in Nevada, Pool Guard of Nevada takes pride in delivering secure solutions that act as a crucial barrier, ensuring the safety of children and pets from potential hazards around Paradise pools. The remarkable quality of their pool covers is evident in their advanced construction, featuring robust materials designed to withstand the demanding Paradise climate. With over two decades of experience, Pool Guard of Nevada has creatively engineered pinned-down pool covers that are secure, durable, and proudly crafted in the USA. These premium covers, utilizing interlocking materials, come with a limited lifetime warranty, demonstrating the company’s confidence in the longevity and dependability of its product.

An anchored pool safety cover from Pool Guard is unparalleled in the industry:

  • Superior Strength – Our pool safety covers meet or exceed all ASTM standards.
  • Reliable Safety – Capable of holding hundreds of pounds and includes a special removal tool for tamper resistance.
  • Maximum Durability – Built to last with a warranty to back it up.
  • Cost-Effective – Keeps debris out while reducing water loss through evaporation.

A Pool Guard™ pool safety cover goes beyond being a mere safety feature; it stands as a comprehensive solution for the continuous protection of your loved ones. This pool safety cover establishes a tangible barrier, effectively preventing accidental incidents and instilling a sense of peace of mind. In contrast to alternative safety measures like floating alarms or laser alarms that only signal potential crises retroactively, Pool Guard™’s anchored pool covers provide immediate protection. These pool safety covers are ideal for pool owners who do not plan on using their pool for extended periods and want to protect their loved ones. Choosing Pool Guard of Nevada signifies the selection of top-tier quality pinned-down pool covers, characterized by unparalleled strength, durability, and child-proof features, ensuring the safety and security of your family in Paradise, NV.

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A pinned-down pool safety cover from Pool Guard is an investment in safety that will help keep your pool clean and can save you money by decreasing water loss and the amount of chemicals needed to treat your pool!

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Reason to Choose Us for Paradise Pool Safety Covers

Exceptional Safety

Pool Guard of Nevada takes the lead in providing unparalleled safety measures for Paradise pool safety covers, showcasing a steadfast dedication to maintaining exceptional safety standards. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and thoroughly tested materials, the company guarantees that each pool cover they install serves as a secure barrier, surpassing industry safety regulations. Opting for Pool Guard of Nevada signifies a commitment to a product that places the safety of your loved ones at the forefront, ensuring peace of mind without any compromise on quality.

Visual Excellence

Enhance the aesthetic allure of your pool area with Pool Guard of Nevada, where visual elegance converges with top-tier safety. Understanding that a pool fence should not only serve its functional purpose but also enhance the overall design of the space, Pool Guard of Nevada presents an array of stylish and customizable options. Residents in Paradise, NV, have the freedom to select from a diverse range of designs and finishes, enabling them to seamlessly incorporate the safety cover into their Paradise pool environment without compromising on style.

Excellent Reliability

Ensuring the security of your pool area requires unwavering reliability. Pool Guard of Nevada proudly showcases a proven track record of providing robust and enduring pool safety solutions. Customers repeatedly opt for Pool Guard of Nevada for their Paradise pool safety covers, drawn to the company’s consistent demonstration of excellence. With a reputation firmly grounded in reliability and customer contentment, Pool Guard of Nevada not only offers a physical barrier but also guarantees that their pool safety covers are constructed to endure the trials of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pool Guard of Nevada provides two types of warranties for its Pool Guard™ covers:


The Premium Mesh Pool Safety Cover has a 15-year limited, 3-years full warranty. The following schedule sets forth the percentage of the retail price the consumer is responsible for paying:

  • First 3 years – 0%
  • 4 to 6 years – 50%
  • 9 to 15 years – 75%


The Standard Mesh Pool Safety Cover has a 12-year limited, 2-years full warranty. The following schedule sets forth the percentage of the retail price the consumer is responsible for paying:

  • First 2 years – 0%
  • 3 to 6 years – 50%
  • 7 to 12 years – 75%

Both the Premium and Standard Mesh warranties cover any component that proves to be defective either in workmanship or material.

The warranties though, do not cover Safety Covers which have been improperly installed, altered, abused, subject to accident or used during the snow season with the pool water more than 18 inches below the pool coping, are specifically excluded from this warranty. Nor does it cover damage caused by fire, storm, landslide, earthquake, strong winds, theft or other disasters or accidents. Damage caused by dogs/animals or landscapers is also not covered.

Paradise pool covers serve as an excellent solution for individuals who infrequently use their pool or prefer to shut it down during specific periods. Additionally, these covers prove invaluable for pool owners surrounded by abundant trees, effectively preventing leaves from cluttering the water as they fall. If you’ve been contending with unwelcome guests like raccoons and iguanas, our safety cover provides peace of mind, ensuring your pool remains protected and free from potential spoilage. Embrace the convenience and protection offered by our pool covers, tailored to enhance your pool experience and maintain its pristine condition.

Holes are drilled in the deck every three feet so small brass anchors can be installed.  The anchors are installed so they are nearly flush with the deck when not being used.

Yes, the pool safety covers come in a variety of four, different color options:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Tan

Types of Paradise Pool Safety Covers We Provide

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