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What Age Should Children Learn to Swim in Las Vegas?

Children Learn to Swim Young in Las Vegas

Many parents, especially pool-owning parents in Las Vegas, wonder what age to start swimming lessons for their children. Studies show it’s never too soon. This is not just a matter of teaching children a skill that will be useful for their lives, it is often a matter of pool safety.Pool Safety Las Vegas Learning to Swin Young


Busy parents who own a pool do not always have the time to watch every move their children make. While children under 12 should never be left unsupervised near a pool, parents cannot always control where their children go, and it does not take long before an inquisitive toddler can get into the pool area and into danger.


Pool safety laws in Las Vegas require a fence to be built that is secure enough for children not to be able to get through. However, it will be more effective in the long-run if parents can ensure their children have swimming lessons from the earliest possible age to make sure they do not panic when they are in a pool situation.


Community recreation centers, private swimming schools, and other sources exist to provide lessons for young swimmers. Yes, they can still be in diapers, but most pools prefer actual swim diapers for hygiene’s sake. Check with your local rec center to see what age they begin to offer swimming lessons for. It will often be around 18 months.


Ensure your children get the proper training, and they will have a safer and more enjoyable time around the pool.

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